Rent Flamingo Flocks!

We rent bulk pink plastic flamingos for flamingo flocking fundraisers. Rent flamingos for your charity or flocking fundraising event. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Whether it is for your church, sorority, club, or other fundraiser, flamingo flocking is an excellent way to raise money and have fun. Rent cheaply to maximize donations!

Great Flamingos

We have American made flamingos which are sure to make your flamingo flocking fundraiser a true success. They are about 2 feet tall when they stand on their wire legs, and come in two different styles. They will make the lawn of your victim truly look flocked!

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Great Prices

With us, you don't need to buy the flocks in advance. Because we only rent flamingos, you can get your fundraiser off the ground with less cash. We have the best prices, guaranteed. If you find a better rental price anywhere - we will give you your money back!

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Great Causes

Our flamingo flocks have been used to support many great causes. And because we are focused on helping to fundraise, we donate a portion of our profits each year to a charity of our customers choosing. Rent with us now and help select where the money goes!

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"Got them! They are now settling into their new life in my back yard, they seem happy to be there. They will be a great treat for my wife's birthday!" -Michael

How it works

1. Select a package

We have packages of 24 to 60 flamingos. All packages include carrying bags, flocking forms, and a sign. You pay a rental fee, discounted shipping, and a refundable deposit.

2. We ship flamingos

You'll receive your bulk flamingo order in less than a week. We only start to charge you weekly rental fees after you receive your flamingos.

3. Run your flocking

Now you can run your flamingo event - whether it be a fundraiser or a lawn greeting! Your friends and family will be shocked when they see their lawn covered in flamingos!

4. Return the birds

Return your plastic flamingos and legs to us in the same boxes, and we'll then refund your deposit. You'll have run a great event at less than half the price of buying the flamingos.